Jake got PSD in college.
He has it under control.

Check out the video.

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What is PSD? | Giveaway rules
Crop Tool

399 votes

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Brush Tool

273 votes

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Hand Tool

166 votes

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Pen Tool

136 votes

Spot Healing Brush Tool

117 votes

Magic Wand Tool

106 votes

Paint Bucket Tool

96 votes

Eyedropper Tool

85 votes

Magnetic Lasso Tool

68 votes

Move Tool

66 votes

Clone Stamp Tool

54 votes

Quick Select Tool

53 votes

Type Tool

51 votes

Rectangular Marquee Tool

48 votes

History Brush Tool

48 votes

Path Select Tool

46 votes

Blur Tool

43 votes

Zoom Tool

41 votes

Object Rotate Tool

38 votes

Camera Rotate Tool

34 votes


Shirt back will look like this:

Shirt back